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Named as one of the top 19 Key Opinion Leaders globally in Who’s Who in Remote Working?
and one of the top 50 Project Management Leaders by Leaders Hum 

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Flexible Work and Project Management Consultancy

Flexible work consultancy.  The future of work is Flexible.  Fully office based and fully remote work are not the way forward.  Hybrid working is an absurd compromise and about as bad a way of organising work as anyone could dream up.   We have a huge depth of knowledge in flexible work and with over 15 years working with remote projects, we can help transform the way you work.

Project Management Consultancy. Want help sorting your project delivery out?  We can help you review what you do now and implement best practice right across your company

“Gren’s help and advice has proved invaluable in our process of adding
world class project management to our existing technical excellence”
Balász Nagy Founder NewPush LLC


Contact me on +44 07788 925027 or gren.gale@pmresults.co.uk  and let’s discuss how I can help

Training and Mentoring

Online courses to train staff and management in the running and governance of projects at Udemy and Teachable.

We also carry out bespoke classroom training.

Mentoring to help your managers improve the quality of their project delivery.

“Very impressed with what they could deliver”  Lawson Noble CTO RoadPixel


Contact me on +44 07788 925027 or  gren.gale@pmresults.co.uk to discuss training or mentoring

Remote Work Books

Working flexibly is truly is the future of office work.  What other single change could reduce costs, increase productivity and make employees significantly happier.  We are in the middle of a once in a generation opportunity to significantly improve the way that office work is carried out, to everyone’s benefit.  Employers, employees and managers all need to up their game.


“The style in which this book is written lends itself to just keep on reading. As someone who works with teams across multiple time zones and culture I recognised a lot of the topics that are discussed and I can relate to situations described. The author provides some good advice and references that are worth following up and there are some things I just hadn’t considered before. I liked the summaries at the end of key sections which will be good for going back and referring to later. A worthwhile read!” Amazon


The Remote Project Manager and Remote Work The New Normal are both available on Amazon.

Project Management Books

Small and medium businesses face unique challenges in running projects. They need to follow good disciplines without incurring the huge overheads of methodologies like PMP and Prince2.


“There are some interesting stories shared that really point to the fact that the author knows his stuff. He’s definitely been there and done that and knows what works in real life. It’s a slim book, easy to read, and convincingly makes the case for why project management should be adopted by small and medium-sized businesses. There’s a clear return on investment, and this book will help you make the case to your colleagues” – Elizabeth Harrin – A Girl’s Guide to Project Management


Project Management for SMEs and Project Management for SMBs (US version) – available from Amazon

Project Management for SMBs

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