Product Reviews

Product Reviews

The pandemic has caused an explosion of innovation in remote work tools.  See our reviews of a some of the most exciting and innovative tools in this rapidly expanding market.


Video Conferencing

Krisp Noise Cancellation Application

People working remotely are finding themselves in a variety of locations where noise can often be an issue.  Noise cancellation applications try to address this.  The leading Video Conference applications have settings that attempt to address this, but we think Krisp as a stand alone app produced by noise cancellation experts does this in the most effective and flexible way.  See our review of Krisp

Remeet – Revolutionising Remote Meetings

Remeet is one of the best remote apps we’ve ever seen!  It takes the meeting overload issue that most remote workers experience and absolutely destroys it.  More a new way of working than a piece of software. We’re convinced it’s the future of remote meetings.  See our review of Remeet

8 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

Using Zoom for video conferencing?  So, OK, Zoom is good but there are a lot of free video conferencing applications that are a better than Zoom and don’t have any constraints on meeting length. For most of these their paying versions are less expensive and better than Zoom.  Don’t just go for the lazy choice, check out what else is available.  See our review of the 8 best free video conferencing apps

Webcam Review – Logitech c930e Webcam Review

A good webcam is essential for remote work and we advise that you should buy as high quality a camera as you can afford. Bang for buck this is as a good a quality camera as you’re going to get.  We use them and highly recommend them.  See our review of Logitech c930e Webcam


Knowledge bases

One of the key requirements in setting a company up for remote work is to build a knowledge base.  Most organisations of course already have a knowledge base, it’s Chloe in accounts, Joe in IT, Amit in Marketing and so on.   This just about works in an office environment but has always represented bad practice borne of lazy management and poor control of risk.

Best knowledge base tools for remote work

Our knowledge base review is aimed at packages we think are best suited to remote work.  Read our review of knowledge bases

5 best free knowledge base tools

Check our review of the five best free knowledge base tools 

KBee – Build a knowledge base fast

KBee is a great idea and a good example of the sort of simple but innovative initiative that is being driven by the rapid acceleration in remote working.  See our in-depth review of KBee


Project and Task Management

It’s almost impossible to run delivery teams in remote or hybrid settings without using a project or task management tool.  At the last count there were over 200 available.  It’s a complex and crowded marketplace and no two tools are the same.

Know what you want before you buy

Read our post on the 21 features you need to look our for when buying a project management package

Best project and task management packages

Read our review of the 19 top project management packages for remote and hybrid work.


Hybrid Work

The nirvana for Hybrid Work is cost savings from reduced office space, managers who feel in control combined with a happy and productive workforce.  While no process or software package is going to achieve all of these ambitions, CentralF gets you within touching distance of it.

CentralF – the best tool we’ve ever seen for hybrid work

Read our CentralF review to find out how it does it.

The best desk and room booking systems for hybrid work

Unless you want your office to descend into complete chaos, don’t even think about doing hybrid work without a desk booking system. Read our review of the best desk booking systems for hybrid work


Employee Engagement Tools

Employee engagement tools enable you to reach out to remote employees to gauge the mood of teams, allow anonymised feedback on how people are feeling and encourage employee recognition though 1:1s and thank yous

Are they worth investing in? Read our Review of Employee engagement software

Also read our in-depth reviews of two of the best employee engagement tools for remote work 15Five and Nailted


Employee Monitoring Tools

A controversial area for sure, but there are a number of strong positives for monitoring tools if they’re used correctly, sensitively and openly.  Read our review of Workpuls



Read our review of the 9 best project management books of all time.




We believe that if you are going to run remote work successfully then you need to adapt your existing processes for remote work rather than continue to try to use processes designed for office-based work. Most importantly these processes must be documented to allow employees and particularly new employees to understand what is expected. Lean Six Sigma is perfect for this.

While we run our own project management courses, these are not aimed at achieving a professional qualification. If this is important to you then you’ll need to look for PMPPrince 2, Agile and Scrum courses.

For training we really like Grey Campus – see our Review of GreyCampus


How we can help

If you enjoyed our product reviews then also see our blog posts for lots of advice on how to adapt your business to remote work

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