Gren Gale

Remote Work The New Normal

Remote Work The New Normal


A comprehensive guide to remote working for employees and employers

We help you decide if remote working is right for you, where to find remote jobs and how to pass a remote interview. There’s advice on how to build successful remote teams, organise meet-ups and hackathons, hold remote social events and adapt to communicating remotely. We look at how to make teams with a mix of cultures and languages work, together with the challenges of different working patterns and time zones.

We help you choose the right technology to support remote work from the huge number of suppliers and packages available. The main technology vendors are described, together with what tools and features you should look for. Security is a major concern for any remote set up and is covered in detail. Legal issues are addressed including health and safety, confidentiality and cyber-bullying.


“For those working from home or likely to be working from home in the future this book is essential reading. What appeared at first sight to be an academic piece of work in fact turns out to be a very readable as well as informative book which the layman as well as the expert will find extremely useful. Either by chance or design the book comes at a most expedient time and I am sure it will find an avid readership.” Amazon

“As well as being informative, this book is a really fresh and easy read. It is bang up-to-the-minute taking account of the issues raised by working in a COVID-19 environment. The author has considerable experience that is used to illustrate the challenges and solutions.
Highly recommended!” Amazon

“This book looks at the advantages and potential pitfalls of remote working in light of the huge rise in this practice as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns. The guidance I found most relevant to me was that addressed to the newcomer to remote working but there is also good advice in here for companies and managers putting in place remote working and some coverage on the technologies available. Good use of personal experience from the author makes this an involving read.” Amazon

Gren Gale is an author and consultant specialising in Remote Work and Project Management.  He has written four books covering both of these subjects.


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