Nailted Review

13 March 2022

Nailted Review

A quick word about employee engagement

If you’ve found this article, you’ll probably already know what an employee engagement package is.  If you don’t we recommend you read our review of employee engagement software.

The Bersin/Delliote report  – The state of employee recognition which surveyed employees in 600 organisations in the US indicated that in most companies employee engagement was weak and too focused on financial factors.  In addition the OwlLabs State of Remote Work survey showed that managers running remote teams were full of insecurities about how hard team members were working but were very little concerned about overwork and their mental health.  This is a lethal cocktail for remote workers.  Building an employee engagement policy addresses this but employee engagement software goes a step further and builds it into the day-to-day work process.  We think it’s a no brainer for companies with large numbers of remote employees.


Nailted’s principles

A lot of the players in this market are about Ask-Analyse-Act, i.e. surveying employees, summarising the results and prompting actions.  Most were launched to target a traditional office-based workforce.

Nailted is different and in many ways unique.  Its principles are to:

  • Continuously ask for feedback and to act on this
  • Create positive culture change by encouraging good habits
  • Build a recognition culture
  • Support remote workers

Nailted places a lot of emphasis on promoting a positive culture of communication and recognition.


Continuous, anonymised feedback

Continuous anonymised feedback is at the heart of Nailted’s approach.  Employees are emailed regular questions about how they’re feeling.  The equivalent of the annual or twice yearly staff survey that many companies carry out but on a continuous basis.

Nailted Review: How are you feeling

Nailted Review: email

When employees reply to the questions in these e-mails they’re taken into the package where they can see how their mood compares with that of the whole company.  They can also send anonymised messages to the management, give ‘Claps’ to other employees as thank yous for help or work well done, arrange 1:1s with their manager and set personal goals.


Mood Map

Nailted provides mood maps for individuals, teams and the whole company.  The mood maps are compiled from the answers to the standard questions being emailed out to staff.  It’s a visual representation of how teams are feeling and shows what direction those feelings are moving in.  Nailted also sends a monthly e-mail to management showing which are the best and worst performing areas and how they’ve improved or got worse during the month.

Nailted Review: Mood Map


Manager’s dashboard

Managers and Administrators get a dashboard where they can set up 1:1s, view mood maps for their area or the whole company as well as other engagement data like the number of 1:1s being held and e-mails being replied to.  Nailted also compile a Net Promoter Score, a metric much loved by marketing departments, which compiles the feedback from questions like ‘How proud are you to work for our company?’.

Nailted Dashboard



1:1s with videoconferencing built in

It’s our very firm view that weekly 1:1s are non-negotiable for remote work so we like the way that Nailted encourages and facilitates them.  1:1s can be set up by an employee or their manager and their frequency is monitored at team and company level.  Videoconferencing via Jitsi is built in as is a form to capture the agenda, minutes and actions.

Nailted one to ones


Does Nailted work?

We think it does.   The evidence seems to show that asking employees questions continuously is a lot more effective than sending out a survey once or twice a year.  What’s more it’s a hell of a lot cheaper too!   It increases employee involvement and allows management to be far more agile and act quickly on issues – far better than finding out about them at exit interviews.

It’s often difficult to discern the mood of an organisation.  Where people are working remotely this gets even harder.  Nailted’s mood map together with responses to questions provides a measure of the mood of teams and of the whole organisation.  It also makes it easier to detect people at risk or in danger of burn out.



Nailted Pricing

The good news is that Nailted won’t break the bank and its charging makes it popular with small and medium enterprises.  You’ll pay $4 per user per month with better deals available for larger enterprises.



The verdict of our Nailted review?  Pretty much every package in this market supports continuous communication with staff and anonymised feedback.  For remote workers we think this isn’t just a nice to have, it’s essential.   You can achieve this by carrying out periodic staff surveys but we think these packages are a lot more effective, agile and cost efficient.  They let remote employees know that you want their feedback and that you care. Nailted is an excellent employee engagement package which is well adapted to remote work and we think you should take a look at it.

Here’s a video that could also help you improve your Spanish (don’t worry it has English sub-titles) describing the experiences of a Spanish IT company s|ngular with Nailted.


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Gren Gale is a consultant who specialises in Remote Work and Project Management and is author of Remote Work The New Normal and The Remote Project Manager.

Articles and reviews on this site are written from an unbiased viewpoint.  We only review products which are relevant to Remote Work or Project Management and ones we believe in.  Once this Nailted Review was written we looked to see if some of the links could generate affiliate income.  It won’t make us rich but it helps pay the rent!

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