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The Remote Project Manager

Remote project management is here to stay and is set to grow exponentially.  Working remotely truly is the future of work.

You need significantly different skills to successfully manage remote teams. Project managers, in fact all types of manager need to appreciate this and make changes to the way they work.

The Remote Project Manager – available from Amazon in paperback  and  ebook formats

Project Management for Small and Medium Business

Smaller businesses face unique challenges in running projects. They need to follow good disciplines without incurring the huge overheads of methodologies like PMP and Prince2

Project Management for SMEs and Project Management for SMBs (US version) – available from Amazon in paperback and ebook formats

Training and Mentoring

Online courses to train staff and management in the running and governance of projects at Udemy and Teachable.

I also carry out bespoke classroom training.

Mentoring to help your managers improve the quality of their project delivery.

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Want advice and help making your remote projects work?  I can help you pick the right collaboration and co-ordination tools – videoconferencing, instant messaging, shared storage, project management and collaboration tools

Want help sorting your project delivery out?  I can help you review what you do now and implement best practice right across your company

Contact me on +44 07788 925027 or  and let’s discuss how I can help