Whether you’re managing suppliers or in-house staff, it’s important that Project Managers get their people management right.

The clue is in the title of ‘Project Management’, it’s about managing the project, not about writing the requirements or designing it. Too many Project Managers get overly involved in the technical side of the project, and as a result get lost in the detail. Doing this risks losing sight of the overall direction of the project and also demotivates the staff whose job it is to sort out the technical detail.

Project Managers who get involved in everything or try to micro-manage also risk becoming less effective, partly because they are preventing themselves from seeing the bigger picture, and partly because the workload they generate for themselves means they get burned out.

Delegate where you can and where appropriate. People in teams generally work better when they are given responsibility and they know that they are trusted to do the work.

A Project Manager needs to ask questions and challenge, but doesn’t need to be hands-on with the technical parts of the project.

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Gren Gale is a consultant specialising in Project Management and Procurement and is owner of PM Results

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